New Rule In Portugal For Immigrants – Many Dreams Shattered

new rule in portugal

Most of the foreign immigrants who entered Portugal legally or illegally and through work permits became legal in this country because Portugal itself, which has a prestigious position in the European Union, welcomed them. In 2018, the previous government of Portugal allowed foreigners (with or without a visa) to not only stay in Portugal but … Read more

Portugal’s New Golden Visa Scheme Update – Supporting Immigrants

portugal golden visa scheme

Carcavelos, June 5, 2024 — In a bold move to enhance support for needy immigrants, the government of Portugal has announced to start a new golden visa scheme. This initiative was first revealed on Monday at Nova SBE in Carcavelos, as part of the latest migration plan for 2024. The new golden visa scheme aims … Read more

Breaking: Is Portugal Going Out Of Schengen? When and Why?

Portugal Suspension From Schengen

Traveling to Portugal? or planning a trip, this BREAKING NEWS is going to effect your plans. Even the people living in Portugal will also face the consequences. It is a developing story coming directly from Lisbon, Portugal may loose its “Schengen Zone Status” if the new border control system will not be in place within … Read more


portugal job seeker visa 2024

Do you want to move to Europe? If yes, then Portugal could be the best option for you in 2024 and in the coming years via its New Job Seeker Visa. Why Portugal? Portugal is one of the fastest growing economy in Europe. It is a beautiful scenic country and a member of Schengen Zone. … Read more