Breaking: Is Portugal Going Out Of Schengen? When and Why?

Portugal Suspension From Schengen

Traveling to Portugal? or planning a trip, this BREAKING NEWS is going to effect your plans. Even the people living in Portugal will also face the consequences. It is a developing story coming directly from Lisbon, Portugal may loose its “Schengen Zone Status” if the new border control system will not be in place within the given deadline.

What is Schengen Zone?

Schengen Zone is a group of 29 countries without the internal borders, means people can move from one country to another without showing passports or crossing immigration counters at borders. No separate visa is required to travel within these 29 countries, if you have a Schengen Visa.

Portugal became the member of Schengen Zone in 1991. Since then, Portugal developed as one of the most attractive place in Europe for tourism. But now, if Portugal gets suspended from Schengen Zone, it will directly effect its tourism sector as well as many people who live their.


Is Portugal Going Out Of Schengen? Why?

The European Union (EU) Council wants all the member countries to have a new “border control system”. Portugal hasn’t done this yet. Money is not a hurdle for Portugal to complete this task as a budget of €25million was set aside for this system by the previous government.

Now a deadline has been given to Portugal by European Union. It is July 2024. If Portugal will not implement the new border control system within the given time, the country will no longer be a member of Schengen Zone.

Portugal efforts to meet the deadline?

The new government is trying to speed up things, but it is not easy. They need to hire staff, train them, buying and installing the whole new equipment is also time consuming. The government has taken steps to meet the requirements before July 2024.

What travelers have to face?

If Portugal gets kicked out of the Schengen Area, travelers might have to deal with more checks at the immigration. Extra paperwork, separate Visa requirements and much more.

Advice for Travelers (to Portugal)

If you’re thinking about going to Portugal, keep an eye on on this developing situation. Even though it is not confirmed that Portugal will get suspended, it is important to stay updated. You can check for news from the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your country.

If you are in your home country, and wants to apply for Portugal Schengen Visa, try to delay your plans at least till July. It is not sure, if you need a Schengen Visa for Portugal after that or you might need a separate Portugal Visa.

Final Words

Portugal needs to act faster before July 2024 to avoid the suspension from Schengen Zone. This suspension will create problems for travelers and its own economy. So, if you are planning a trip to Portugal, be ready for possible delays and changes at the border.

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