Workers Needed – Austria Shortage Occupations List Announced By Government

Austria is one of the most visited countries in Europe. It is a land locked country in central Europe sharing its borders with Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland. Population of Austria in around 9 million and Austria could be one of the best option to live and work in Europe.

Austria has announced two separate lists of shortage occupations for Job Seekers. In this article, we will tell you about Austria Jobs, salaries in Austria and 5 best job portals of Austria to ease the hiring process.

  • Country-wide Shortage Occupations
  • Regional Shortage Occupations
austria shortage occupations list 2024

Country-wide Shortage Occupations

This is a list of jobs in Austria which are high in demand for the year 2024, as announced by Austrian government.

  1. Bus drivers
  2. School bus drivers
  3. Professional truck drivers
  4. Tram drivers
  5. Department store sales clerks
  6. Retailers and sales (iron and metal goods, domestic and kitchen appliances)
  7. Retailers and sales (perfumes, washing and household articles, paints, varnishes)
  8. Restaurant chefs
  9. Coffee product makers and other food manufacturers
  10. Childcare-Workers
  11. Florists, flower arrangers
  12. Hairdressers, make-up artists
  13. Painters, house painters
  14. Cosmeticians, manicurists, and pedicurists
  15. Masseurs, masseuses
  16. Estate managers, other hotel and restaurant professionals, residence managers
  17. Black toppers
  18. Roofers
  19. Metal turners
  20. Welders, cutting torch operators
  21. Pipe installers, pipe fitters
  22. Blacksmiths and carriage builders
  23. Bricklayers
  24. Glaziers
  25. Track layers
  26. Confectioners
  27. Furniture makers
  28. Wood machine workers
  29. Manufacturers of metal goods, assembly workers
  30. Warehouse and storage experts, expedients
  31. Technicians power engineering technology
  32. Technicians for mechanical engineering
  33. Technicians for data processing
  34. civil engineering
  35. Graduates in power engineering
  36. Graduates in weak-current and telecommunications engineering
  37. Graduates in business administration
  38. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  39. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists
  40. Cost accountants
  41. Power engineers
  42. Engineers for agricultural machinery
  43. Engineers / technicians for rough mechanicals
  44. Special fitters
  45. Vehicle body and radiator sheet metal workers
  46. Medical technology specialists
  47. Certified public accountants
  48. Building fitters, sheet metal fitters, construction fitters
  49. Technicians for fuel and gas technology
  50. Electrical installers, electrical fitters
  51. Special technicians for mechanical engineering
  52. Special technicians for low voltage engineering and communication engineering
  53. Special technicians in business administration
  54. Special technicians for civil engineering
  55. Technicians for data processing
  56. Graduate nurses
  57. Physicians
  58. Engineers for technical chemistry, chemists
  59. Graduate civil engineers
  60. Special graduate engineers
  61. Graduate engineers – special professions
  62. Special railroad professions
  63. Medical technology specialists
  64. Social scientists, economists, scientific statisticians
  65. Dietitians
  66. Non-graduate nurse practitioners and related professions
  67. Insurance agents / representatives
  68. Procurement managers
  69. Forwarding specialists
  70. Business managers / administrators
  71. Welfare workers, social workers
  72. Technicians for weak-current and telecommunications engineering
  73. Butchers
  74. Plastics processors
  75. Physical-technical Special Professions
  76. Accountants
  77. Toolmakers, cutters and punchmakers
  78. Floor and wall tilers
  79. Stove fitters, potters, stove makers
  80. Department store sales clerks
  81. Medical technology specialists
  82. Billing clerks, billing accountants
  83. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  84. Technicians for surveying
  85. Electric professions
  86. Professions in mechanical metalworking
  87. Graduates in business administration
  88. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists
  89. Cost accountants
  90. Graduates in power engineering
  91. Graduates in weak-current and telecommunications engineering
  92. Graduates in business administration
  93. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  94. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists
  95. Graduates in business administration
  96. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  97. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists
  98. Graduates in business administration
  99. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  100. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists
  101. Graduates in business administration
  102. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  103. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists
  104. Graduates in business administration
  105. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  106. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists
  107. Graduates in business administration
  108. Graduates in technical chemistry, chemists
  109. Graduates in engineering physics, physicists


Regional Shortage Occupations

This is the list of shortage occupations in different cities of Austria. As a job seeker, you can now look for the jobs of your profession in specific cities of Austria.

Waiters / WaitressesNiederösterreich, Oberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Tirol, Vorarlberg
Travel and Tourism ProfessionalsOberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Vorarlberg
Advertising ProfessionalsOberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Tirol
Paperhangers, upholstersOberösterreich, Salzburg, Tirol, Vorarlberg
Textiles and clothing retailers and sales clerksOberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Tirol, Vorarlberg
ScientistsNiederösterreich, Oberösterreich, Vorarlberg
Men’s and Women’s TailorsOberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark
Retailers and sales clerks of vehicles, integral parts and accessoriesOberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark
Industry- and Commercial Sales Specialists, Accountant ExecutivesOberösterreich, Salzburg, Tirol
Food retailers and food sales expertsOberösterreich, Salzburg, Vorarlberg
Active Business Operators and Related ProfessionsOberösterreich, Salzburg, Vorarlberg
Machinists, engine operatorsOberösterreich, Salzburg, Vorarlberg
Stucco plasterersSalzburg, Tirol, Vorarlberg
Technicians for agriculture, wine-growing and horticultureNiederösterreich, Oberösterreich
Technicians for Technical ChemistryNiederösterreich, Oberösterreich
GardenersOberösterreich, Salzburg
Correspondents, Office SecretariesOberösterreich, Salzburg
Shoe Retailers and sellersOberösterreich, Steiermark
InsulatorsOberösterreich, Tirol
Business ConsultantsOberösterreich, Vorarlberg
Writers, JournalistsOberösterreich, Vorarlberg
Spinning, weaving mill workersNiederösterreich
Sign painters, lettering artistsOberösterreich
Surface polishersOberösterreich
Precision mechanicsOberösterreich
Metal surface refinersOberösterreich
Telecommunications TechniciansOberösterreich
Orthopedic ShoemakersOberösterreich
Paper and cardboard makersOberösterreich
Graphic printersOberösterreich
Consumer AdvisorsOberösterreich
Graduate Engineers for Architecture, Graduates of ArchitectureOberösterreich
Special Professionals in Theatre, TV, Movie or Sound Engineering)Oberösterreich
Operators in chemical laboratories, substance examinersOberösterreich
Legal consultants, lawyersOberösterreich
Stenographers, machinistsOberösterreich
Other Teachers (without Physical Education Teachers)Oberösterreich
Artificial stone and concrete goods manufacturersSalzburg
Other Traders and Sales-ProfessionalsSalzburg
Artistic directors and related managerial professionsSalzburg
Weavers, Weaving Loom InstallersVorarlberg
Appreteurs and Other Textile FinishersVorarlberg
Bank, savings bank and private insurance specialistsVorarlberg
Elementary school teachersVorarlberg

These lists can be changed by the Austrian government at any time, so it is better to check the most updated “List of Shortage OccupationsHERE

Why Work in Austria

Working in Austria comes with plenty of plus points.

  1. Economy of Austria is very stable
  2. You can enjoy a great quality of life
  3. Have social benefits
  4. The best healthcare system in Europe
  5. Living in a central location in Europe
  6. Diverse Job opportunities to enhance your career

Top Job Portals in Austria

Here we have listed top 5 portals to search for jobs in Austria


Salaries in Austria

An average monthly salary in Austria is approx. €5,400. After taxes, €3,000 is a good monthly income.

Final Words

Austria offers tons of job opportunities in various sectors, providing stability, social benefits, and a high quality of life. List of shortage occupations in Austria made it easy for job seekers to find work in the country. Explore the Austrian job market via different top job portals to start your career in Austria.

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