Lithuania D VISA Job List – No Work Permit Needed For Non-EU Nationals

Are you considering to work in Lithuania? Whether you are looking for a Lithuania Work Permit, searching for Jobs in Lithuania or curious about the Work Visa of Lithuania, this article will provide you the best and most updated information.

Moving to Europe for work is not easy for many, specially for Non-EU Nationals there are a lot of requirements and a tough eligibility criteria. But don’t worry, we have gathered essential information for you to easily understand the Work Visa (the national visa) and Work Permit Process of Lithuania. By the end of this article, you will be having a clear picture for your whole process of moving to Lithuania for work in a smooth way.

Lithuania is a European country, a Baltic nation within the Schengen Zone. Means having a Lithuania visa allows you to move freely within the Schengen area (27 countries). Lithuania Government offers different types of Visas for foreigners as per their needs. To Work in Lithuania, a foreigner usually need a work permit, which is obtained by the employer (company) in Lithuania. Once the work permit is approved, foreigner can apply for a visa to travel to Lithuania.

But if someone is coming to work in Lithuania for one of the 175 Shortage Occupations, they may not need a work permit. Non-EU Nationals only needs a National Type D Visa of Lithuania, commonly know is Lithuania D-Visa. Details are below in the article.

lithuania d visa job list

What is Lithuania D-Visa for Non-EU Nationals

Non-EU nationals willing to work in Lithuania may start their journey with Lithuania D-Visa. This national visa allows a foreign national to stay in Lithuania for up to 1 year. Lithuania D-Visa can easily be renewed or extended. Anyone having a valid D-Visa of Lithuania can travel and stay in other Schengen member countries for the maximum of 90 days within any 180 day period.

This visa is usually issued to seconded workers and seasonal workers. To be eligible for Lithuania D-Visa, Non-EU nationals must meet one of the following requirements.

  • Have relevant education or Degree
  • Work experience of 2 to 3 years
  • Offered salary must meet the minimum wage for the specific job position for which a foreigner is coming to work in Lithuania.

Lithuania D-Visa Holders can apply for Residence permit before the expiry date of their Visa. The difference between the Lithuania D-Visa and Residence permit is

National Type D-VisaResidence Permit
Validity – 1 YearValidity: 1-3 Years Based on Job
Stay in Other Schengen Countries for up to 90 days in 180 days Stay in Other Schengen Countries for up to 90 days in 180 days
Can not get a personal identity numberForeigner is issued a personal identity number
Foreigner can NOT declare their place of residenceCan declare the place of residence
Not covered by CHICovered by CHI
Can not change employerCan be self-employed

Cost of Lithuania D Visa

The fees of Lithuania D-Visa is €140.

Work In Lithuania Without Work Permit

Lithuania Government has published a list of Shortage Occupations for 2023. This list includes total of 175 job occupations. Any foreigner whose occupation is on this list may not need to get a Work Permit of Lithuania. They can directly apply for a Lithuania D Visa and start their job in Lithuania.


This work permit exemption is subject to quota. If the quota for the shortage occupations is filled, foreign worker needs to apply for a work permit before getting the D-Visa of Lithuania. Moreover, if your profession is not on the list for shortage occupations, you need to get a work permit before applying for a D-Visa.

Visit the Official Website of WORK IN LITHUANIA

Below are some other conditions under which a foreign worker may not be required to get a Work Permit to Work in Lithuania.

  • Nationals of EU and EFTA countries.
  • Foreigners with a permanent residence permit.
  • Third-country nationals who are family members of Lithuanian citizens with a residence permit based on family reunification.
  • Third-country nationals with residence permits based on studies.
  • Foreigners intending to work as trainees, interns, or under a Blue Card.
  • Individuals working remotely in Lithuania under an employment contract with a local company.

How To Get Lithuania Work Permit

The first step is to secure an employment contract from any employer in Lithuania. The employer plays a central role in the application process.

Application through the Employment Service submitted by the Employer

Step 1. Vacancy Registration: The Employer registers the job vacancy at
Step 2. Priority Consideration: Priority is given to citizens of Lithuania, EU citizens, and foreigners with a permanent residence permit.
Step 3. Application Submission: The Employment Service examines the application and makes a decision within seven business days.
Step 4. After getting a work permit, the employer must fill out a mediation letter in the MIGRIS system.

How To Get Jobs in Lithuania

A traditional way to look for jobs is to search online. You can search through different job portals in Lithuania. But this process is time consuming. Here comes the Employment Agencies, which offer their services for foreigners. They have open job vacancies for you or they can easily find one as per your qualification or work experience.

Last Words

To Work in Lithuania, you need to understand the types of Visas, work permits and the exemptions for 175 shortage occupations. This article is a roadmap for your successful career in Lithuania, providing all you need to know about the Lithuania D-Visa, Work Permit, Process, Cost and Exemptions. Being well informed can make your whole journey smooth to Work in Lithuania.

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