Do you want to move to Europe? If yes, then Portugal could be the best option for you in 2024 and in the coming years via its New Job Seeker Visa.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is one of the fastest growing economy in Europe. It is a beautiful scenic country and a member of Schengen Zone. As other European countries, Portugal is going through severe labour shortage in different sectors. Obviously, labour shortage means less economical growth.

Portugal Job Seeker Visa work visa Portugal

To overcome, Portuguese Immigration has introduced different types of visa categories to attract foreign skilled workers. Just like, Canada, US, Australia or New Zealand, Portugal is also one of the favorite place to immigrate for skilled workers. And this is because of the easy immigration policies and less requirements.

Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Portugal Job Seeker Visa is not just a visa for you to travel to Portugal. But it is an opportunity for a better future in Europe for Non-EU Nationals. It allows its holders to search for a job in Portugal legally. Once you get a Job, you can start your work but you must apply for a Residence Permit.

The residence permit let people legally live and work in Portugal while enjoying benefits such as healthcare, education, and social security among other things. Residence Permit of Portugal allows you to sponsor your family members as well. Moreover, this residence permit leads to Portugal Permanent Residence and later on The Citizenship.

This visa can be helpful for those looking jobs in the fields of technology, tourism, healthcare and construction, as these industries are rapidly growing in Portugal.

Do We Need A Job Offer

You do not need a Job Offer to obtain the Portugal Job Seeker Visa, as well as no English or Potugese Language Test is required.

Validity of Portugal Job Seeker Visa

At first, this job seeker visa is issued with the validity of 4 months. But don’t worry, the good news is, you can easily renew it while staying inside Portugal for extra 2 months. So technically, you get 6 months of time to look for a job in Portugal.

Cost of this Visa

The fee for Portugal Job Seeker Visa is €75 only, which must be paid at the time Visa Application Submission.

Age Limit For Portugal Job Seeker Visa

There is no maximum age limit set for this visa. The minimum age required to apply for this visa is 18 years.

Requirements for Portugal Job Seeker Visa

This is the key factor for your successful Visa Application. Get all of these below mentioned documents ready before submitting your visa application. For you to easily understand the importance of required documents for Portugal’s Job Seeker Visa, we have divided this section in two parts.

1. General Documents

  • A Valid Passport
  • 2 Photographs (as per Schengen visa requirements)
  • A Euro Pass CV
  • Travel Insurance of 4 Months
  • Air Ticket Reservation (duration up to 4 months)
  • PCC – Police Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of Accommodation (Hotel Booking)
  • Cover Letter for your Visa Application (Here is the Sample Format of Cover Letter)

2. Key Documents

  • Bank Statement
    • The closing balance of your Bank account should be equal or more than the 3 months of minimum salary in Portugal. The minimum salary is €705 per month in Portugal in 2023.
  • Job Search Visa DECLARATION (*Very Important)
    • All third country nationals who wish to enter Portugal for Job Search on a Job Seeker Visa must complete this online Declaration Form at IEFP. After submission of this form, you will receive the declaration via email.
    • You can visit Portugal’s IEFP Website HERE
  • Request for criminal record enquiry by the Immigration and Border Services (SEF) – HERE
  • Job Seeker Visa Application Form – HERE

You can visit the Portuguese Immigration Website HERE for more details.

How To Apply Portugal Job Seeker Visa in 2024

Once you meet all the above mentioned requirements, you can apply for Portuguese Job Seeker Visa at your nearest Portugal’s Embassy, Consulate or at a Visa Application Centre authorized by Portugal (e.g. VFS Global)

To apply at VFS (Visa Application centre), each applicant must book an online appointment to visit the Visa Application Centre. HERE you can visit VFS Global website, select your country of residence and start your visa process.

Last Words

The Job Seeker Visa Portugal is an unique opportunity for Non-EU Nationals to get into the Portuguese Job market and get a work visa and residence permit. With the proper preparation and documentation, you can increase your chances of getting a Job Seeker Visa of Portugal.



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