Luxembourg is now issuing work visa to third country nationals for Seasonal Jobs. These visas allow third country nationals to work in Luxembourg for the duration of less than 3 months. But it doesn’t mean that one must leave the country after 90 days. Luxembourg seasonal work visa can be renewed or can be converted in to permanent work visa.

Luxembourg is a small European country with the population of around 650,000 and a wealthy member of Schengen Zone. Luxembourg is also considered as the World’s Richest Country because of its GDP per capita. Luxembourg is known as Tax Heaven for investors.

As a third country national, Luxembourg could be the best place to live and work in Europe. Working in Luxembourg needs authorization (a work permit). There are two types of work permits in Luxembourg.

  • Long Stay Work Permits (Permanent Work Permits)
  • Short Stay Work Permits (Seasonal Work Permits)
Luxembourg Seasonal Jobs

Luxembourg Seasonal Jobs

Third country nationals can apply for Luxembourg Seasonal Jobs for the following activities.

  • Harvesting
  • Holiday tour guide
  • Holiday instruction
  • Packaging of harvested products
  • Seasonal positions in retail, hotels, and restaurants
  • Maintenance of areas like Beaches and Pools etc
  • Jobs in aviation and passenger transport with seasonal increases in activity

Job positions under these activities are all eligible for Seasonal Work Permit.

Application For Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa

Now all third country nationals can apply for Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa from their home country or their country of residence. It can be applied either by you or your Employer in Luxembourg.

The Application for Seasonal Work Visa must be submitted on a plain blank paper. It is important to note that specify your full name and complete current address in your application. Along with that, you must include the following supporting documents.


Documents Needed For Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa

  • Copy of the valid passport
  • Health Insurance
  • Photograph
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Educational Documents
  • Employment contract for a seasonal job
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Power of Attorney in the name of employer if the employer is submitting the applicatin on your behalf.
  • Certificate from NEA (National Employment Agency of Luxembourg)
    • This certificate is issued to the employer, which means that the employer is approved to hire a foreign worker

These are the basic documents needed. Immigration office of Luxembourg may ask you for more documents. If your application is approved, your work permit will be mailed to you on your postal address.

Processing Time For Luxembourg Visa

An average process time for Luxembourg Work Visa is 3 months. If your application is approved, your work permit will be mailed to you.

Fees For Luxembourg Work Visa

You must pay a fees of €80 before submitting your seasonal work visa application.

Salaries in Luxembourg

The average minimum salary in Luxembourg varies for skilled and unskilled job positions. Unskilled workers can get €2,500 per month and Skilled workers may receive around €3,000.

How To Get Seasonal Job In Luxembourg

One way is to look for jobs online on different job portals, and apply online. The other efficient way is to look for the companies which hire seasonal workers. Below mentioned 3 companies in Luxembourg are hiring seasonal workers.


Securing a Luxembourg Seasonal Job opens doors to exciting opportunities in various industries. By understanding the application process and requirements, you can easily obtain the seasonal work visa of Luxembourg and start a new career in Europe.

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