New Rule In Portugal For Immigrants – Many Dreams Shattered

new rule in portugal

Most of the foreign immigrants who entered Portugal legally or illegally and through work permits became legal in this country because Portugal itself, which has a prestigious position in the European Union, welcomed them.

In 2018, the previous government of Portugal allowed foreigners (with or without a visa) to not only stay in Portugal but also fulfil some requirements and get the residency status. But now the new government has abolished this system. On June 3, 2024, Portugal’s cabinet tightened its immigration policy, which has also been approved by its president and published.

The government has abolished Articles 81, 88, and 89 of the Immigration Law 59/2017, which allowed people to work in the country for at least one year and take up permanent residence. 42 new methods have been set for the arrival of people. That is, it is no longer possible to legally stay in Portugal through the aforementioned article. The numbers shared by Portugal’s Integration and Migration Agency shows that the immigrants from Asian countries has increased in the last 5 years effecting the local residents. Right now, the country’s total population includes 10% of immigrants.

The Prime Minister has announced that he wants to stop the misuse of their lenient immigration policy. These changes are called “new beginnings”. He added that this new rule will help the economy as well as Portugal’s shrinking population. According to the Portuguese government, 180,000 people obtained permanent legal status last year. And it is too much.

An immigration lawyer says that the immediate implementation of this law has repealed the Immigration Act 23/2007. He added that no deadline has been given, which has led to frustration. As for migrants from South Asian countries, Portugal was the last hope for permanent resident status within the EU. Maximum number of migrants came from India, Nepal in second, Bangladesh in third and Pakistan in fourth place.

What migrants can do now

People who entered Portugal without a legal entry permit, and had their files locked by Portuguese Immigration for Residency status will not be effected by this new policy. But those, who were planning to submit their application and/or have completed the requirements to apply for PR are in trouble now. They will not be able to get the legal residency status in Portugal.


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