Certified Employers in Finland Providing Job Opportunities in Europe to Foreigners in 2024

Are you looking forward to a new experience in the land of a thousand lakes and the world’s happiest people? Finland, a wonderful European country located in the heart of the Schengen Zone, invites international job seekers willing to join its vibrant workforce. If you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, let’s look at the basics of finding work in Finland.

certified employers in finland 2024

Work in Finland as a Foreigner

To kickstart your journey, you’ll need two crucial documents,

  • Work Permit
  • Residence Permit

The Finland Work Permit is issued by the Finnish government that allows foreign nationals to lawfully work in Finland for a specified company and a job post. It is an important document for anyone who want to work in Finland but are not nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland.

The work visa is normally granted for a set amount of time, depending on the length of the employment contract or other criteria defined in Finnish immigration regulations. To get a Finland Work Permit, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements and complete the application process outlined by Finnish immigration officials.

Same applies for the Finland Residence Permit. It allows foreign nationals to legally reside in Finland for a specified period. It is a mandatory for anyone who wish to live in Finland for purposes such as work, study, family reunification, or other valid reasons. The residence permit grants permission to stay in Finland for a predetermined duration, typically based on the purpose of the applicant’s stay.

As a Non-EU National, you must meet the conditions mentioned below to be eligible for Finland Work Permit and Finland Residence Permit.

  • Employment Confirmation: Secure a job offer from a reputable Finnish company.
  • Qualifications: Ensure that you possess the necessary skills and qualifications for the job position you are being offered in employment contract.
  • Financial Stability: Make sure you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Finland.

Now, let’s talk about a valuable shortcut to streamline your immigration process.

Certified Employers in Finland

These employers have met specific requirements set forth by Finnish Immigration, making them ideal choices for foreign workers. When you’re hired by one of these certified employers, your residence permit processing is expedited, easing your transition into Finnish life.

Till today, Finland Immigration has announced a total of 52 Certified Employers, with the list updated weekly by Finnish Immigration. While this list doesn’t guarantee immediate job vacancies, it serves as a valuable resource for job seekers to begin their job search. You can explore potential opportunities offered by these employers through their company websites or renowned job portals in Finland.

Job Portals in Finland

As an international candidate, it is important to look for jobs on the reputable job portals abroad. There are plenty of job websites in Finland. Here we have listed some of the best platforms for finding employment opportunities in Finland.

HIGH-Demand Jobs Sectors in Finland in 2024

It is important to know the high demand job sectors in Finland in order to find a perfect opportunity for your career in Finland.

  • Healthcare
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • IT
  • Construction
  • Seasonal Jobs (Berry Picking, Fruit Farms)

These sectors offer promising opportunities for foreign workers seeking employment in Finland. By connecting with certified employers in these industries and meeting their requirements, you can pave the way for obtaining both a Finland Work Permit and a Residence Permit.

Easy To Get Finland Tourist Visa From India and Pakistan in 2024

Final Words

Finland attracts thousands of international workers each year. To smoothly and efficiently go through the process of getting Finland Work Permit and Residence Permit, Finland immigration has announced a list of Certified Employers in Finland which are eligible to hire foreign talent in a fast paced manner. As an international candidate you may reach out to these certified employers for the vacant job positions.

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